Concert Light


Someone once read my palm and said-

Beware of water.

Since then I have noticed

if the rain drops gather on my  forehead

a discomfort keeps growing.


Trying to keep my head away from the rain drops

I was real close almost intimate with the cold air

when I saw the clouds of the north side

turning to yellow phosphorus.


How can the morning start again at 9 at night?

What the hell is this? I thought and ran to the roof top

to check out on this divine light source.


Soon I realized that this light is just from a concert somewhere

which lit the sky and the air.


The way the incessant rain posed on the TV yesterday

and never bothered for my balcony

while I was running in and out  in search

for those never-ending drops.


Subhankar’s poetry chapbook is available from Grandma Moses Press. 

Here’s Subhankar’s blog.



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