THE WAR IN SYRIA – Daniel Schulz

The War in Syria His father didn’t sleep in his apartment. The apartment was being bombed. The absurdity of paying the rent. So a colleague told me, dark circles underneath his eyes. He was working double shifts in spite of his lack of hope, worried. My father said nothing to this. He is both a […]

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WAVES – E. Martin Pedersen

Waves When the wave of humiliation comes it will knock you down your shoulder and ear will bang on the hard sand floor when you’re pushed down by tumbling saltwater entering your nose your lungs. The wave wins, you are small. When the wave of mortification comes you will be hit over and over you […]

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Talking about weather they say meat substitutes are spies like prose poems or undercover agents who can’t keep their mouths shut, who keep talking about the weather meanwhile my grandpa died the way he lived—  talking about the weather, flirting with nurses, dead-set on never letting tofu pass his lips when you live in a […]

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