CABLES – Martin Anastasovski

Cables Like diplomatic cables,  the black strings are tangled.  They relay electricity and information,  a lot of which is tangled. Through the stained glass of the separation  I can see people moving about.  Looking inside,  They can only see human heads:  idle, like heads of cabbage in the field. The three recycling bins in the […]

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GRANDPA’S MOOSE the wind ripples the water in ways that make it resemble the mountains that surround it.the peak’s shadows overhang the low valleys we fish in.across the lake, green shrubbery hides the lurking moose, moving silently til he nears our ears.we are in his land, his home.we are merely invaders to the beast, invaders […]



Great-Aunt She got drunk, had sex, and got pregnant for the first time on one thunderclap of a night. One night, and it all began unfolding like a dark flower or the division of cancer cells. The bastard husband. The divorce. The troubled kids, in and out of jail. The lonely future in an empty […]


FROGS – Michael Lee Johnson

Frogs “Grow grass, stone frogs,” written on bathroom walls. Hippie beads, oodles colorful acid pills in dresser draws, no clothes, kaleidoscope condoms, ostentatious sex. No Bibles or Sundays that anyone remembers. Rochdale College, Toronto, Ontario 1972, freedom school, free education. Makes no sense, when you’re high on a song “American Women” blasting eardrums and police […]

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