INTRODUCING Alannah Radburn

The swamp eyes are blinking in the dark; bayou moon slick on the surface as if oil slowly leaks over the lily pads. Seaweed and liquor, black licorice and dawn; kiss my ear and whisper music to my blue veins. Bubbles lazily drift to the surface. The ripples idly lap the nightly sky.

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3 POEMS – Peter Mladinic

Philip Schaeffer texts Tasia: I told him to tether his dog to the back bumper of my truck, so he did. Then the four of us went upstairs to my apartment, at Woodleaf, had a drink and recapped our weekend. I should have said, “Bring your dog up.” I didn’t think, yeah, your pet’s out […]

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FOOD CHAIN – Bruna Gomes

Food Chain little girl / eaten by her thoughts / eaten by adults / who like interrupting / eaten by retail therapy / lots and lots of retail therapy / consumed by itchy blazers that are four sizes too big but priced at 80% off / eaten by high-brow ideals / like Vogue and espressos […]

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TIMBER – Megan Wildhood

Timber The US is the fourth-largest exporter of forest products in the world: $9.7b in 2015. Ergo, money does grow on trees. Indeed, it is made of their bodies. Ergo when a tree falls in a forest, the trees will hold a moment of silence for one of their own whether any human is around […]

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