BOOMERANG   I want to hurry and die So I might have the chance to be Reincarnated.   But not reincarnated as a different something, But me same old self, Well, not quite.   Me, one sand granule wiser, Smart enough this time to hold my tongue, On that night we first went to room. […]

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“a little bird” I stare at the shed and notice a bluebird  on that nearby tree, on that branch halfway up, chirping. Hey, my coworker says  Hey, I say  Are you distracted, she says  Sorry, I say  And she leaves  And I go back to my bird.  But it is no longer chirping on that […]

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NONES What we know to be not possible,Though time after time foretoldBy wild hermits, by shaman and sybilGibbering in their trances,Or revealed to a child in some chance rhymeLike will and kill, comes to passBefore we realize it: we are surprisedAt the ease and speed of our deedAnd uneasy: It is barely three,Mid-afternoon, yet the […]

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5 POEMS – Joe Sonnenblick

A Mint Left On The Pillow   Not a cure, more of a ritual She’s got the curve of the moon from the ribcage to the thigh Serotonin levels off, Birds dropping down the tree branch by branch Leaves and blood, A final guffaw and twitch. Sitting patiently, waiting for the newness, The change, Thoughts not […]

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2 POEMS – Carolyn Adams

Do Something   His mouth is full of light. He clamps it shut. I know he’s filled, without my alabaster breast. I’m left heavy with what he doesn’t need. A humming grows as a star rises on the plain. In the manger, animals sway, sensing rhythm. Beating wings. A terrible wind.   I sit on […]

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