Bar Fly – Joan McNerney

Bar Fly   At Jewel Box Tavern lights are always dim so you can’t look closely.   Wearing stiletto heels, she traipses along followed by billows of cheap perfume.   Dressed in a second skin of electric blue velveteen covered with silver glitz.   She looks for a mark, some clown who carries thick wads […]

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TRANSPLANTS – Stephen Mead

                                   Transplants   Supply and demand—- Two coats, even in July, one wool, hooded, the other matching sweat pants. Underneath?  Long johns.   Feel better?   He needed air, on bad days especially, especially when the tide came in, when the wheelchair was too obdurate, when effort was a graft some small hope provided and waiting was […]

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THE GOATHEADS OF LINDA VISTA – THE LYRICS by Poet Tim Staley (10.2020 to 6.2021)

BUMP YOUR SWEET NEON Blue cross blue shield Keeps my bowl filled I crashed the cannabis cup manic on the hippie bus social my security weighed at the dispensary greetings earthlings I’m here for your terpenes I got lost in the forest I couldn’t hear the chorus The darkness is shifting The sameness is lifting […]

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