J.I. Kleinberg  – Early March

Early March The sky digs in her fingersto massage the mountain, presses deep into canyon cleftswhere the ache of glacier and rock-fall scrape is most acute,rubs a hard gloss onto ice and slickrock, breathes a thin heat onto sloped meadowswhere elk browse among winter-worn grasses, and a small fox, untouched by cold,a gold glint of […]

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Erren Kelly – 2 POEMS

Kim Porter, Police Officer It was just a routine checkYou were only going to searchhis car, you saw his expired license tagsand a tree air freshenerhanging in the rear windowit would just be routine:your 26 years of experiencenever failed youthen a warrant check discoveredhe had a warrant, a weaponspossession charge; he figuredhe could outrun the […]

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Matinee What movie are we in?I mean, is this the main featureor just a cartoon?Funny, huh?Why it seems so pivotal,no Grade B tragi-com, but drama, true to life. There should be long dolly shots,some camera crew on the fringes,proper lighting, a Greek background. Freeze frame.Get the picture.How painful is the close-up?Stop dreaming as if for […]



Aubade A spasm of brown and tan  crosses Armijo Lateral. Waves of squirming tadpoles fan like peacock feathers  in a paunch of late morning light. In the low pool All-it-can-eat  tadpoles. Slithering closer: a few feet long  ½ those feet  obscured  by murky water. An effervescence in its eyes  as it spits out its tongue  […]

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Jazmin Witherspoon – 3 POEMS

Instructions for Preventing Transgressions on Your Body When these precautions fail, attemptthe following:Administer a slap, a kick, some physical show of displeasure or just sit up and scream Stop, please, stop ~ Stockholm SyndromeYou say my voice is just a touch sexyHindsight, the red flags are everywhereYou ask What brings you to the big appleI’m not running […]

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As One City girl in woods. A lake. A pier. Feet submerged. She squeals. It is cold. Aching ebbs. She sighs. Yellow butterfly hovers. Sharing wing music. Baby bass swimming. Fishers. Poles over shoulders. City girl shooes them. Feet over pebbles. Clumsy dance around boulders to the warblers’ beat. Fifty feet beneath limbs, leaves, parting […]

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Daniel Schulz – 4 POEMS

Writing It all starts on a blank page, blank like the silence that surrounds me every day. The things that no one else will say. That blank space into which I cast my line, trying to find out what the next line is again and again and again like punching against a wall of silence […]

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