DEMONS The demons that dwell inside my head are coming out now and I greet them with a resigned malice while my neighbors finish dinner, help their children with homework, put dishes in the dishwasher, discuss finances, take their pills, finish watching Jeopardy.


Noah Cicero – A Hundred Ways to Die

A Hundred Ways to Die You lose all your body fat, visible bones father Hospice is here, the bed you read a thousand books in, blanket over your face to sleep, snow outside, steps from dogs and grandkids, metastasized, a sunflower sprouts from your lungs, a sparrow on your disc florets, tomatoes green ready to […]

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blossom hibbert – metade

metade a man sleeps beside me clutching half a lemon and i smoke half a cigarette, for the fullness of the world exists only in the chapel i prayed in this morning (basilica da estrela) surviving off custard pastries and espressos the pigeon named julio, pecks by my feet in a silly quest to discover […]

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J.I. Kleinberg  – Early March

Early March The sky digs in her fingersto massage the mountain, presses deep into canyon cleftswhere the ache of glacier and rock-fall scrape is most acute,rubs a hard gloss onto ice and slickrock, breathes a thin heat onto sloped meadowswhere elk browse among winter-worn grasses, and a small fox, untouched by cold,a gold glint of […]

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Balloon Man (The Saga of Monsoon Man) Balloon Man is the patriarchal saint of music.He tastes of grease and lint as hestudies the passing parade. Balloon Man is the patriarchal saint of cats and trees and birds and girlish ankles and boyish charm. A picture crashes to the floor, waking Balloon Man. He rises from […]


Erren Kelly – 2 POEMS

Kim Porter, Police Officer It was just a routine checkYou were only going to searchhis car, you saw his expired license tagsand a tree air freshenerhanging in the rear windowit would just be routine:your 26 years of experiencenever failed youthen a warrant check discoveredhe had a warrant, a weaponspossession charge; he figuredhe could outrun the […]

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Wyborne Michaels – 2 poems

CLOCKWORK GOD Trains and Angels leave devastation in their wake To those destined to meet them Sodom and Gammorah stops along the eternal track The clock keeps ticking And people look to it with reverance As if it were an authority When it itself is flawed down to the cogs Gilded in gold covering copper […]

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