THE BLUE SIDEWALK BY Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

The Blue Sidewalk The blue sidewalkwas a little sad with pedestrians sleeping on itand others stepping on the cracks all day long. The stars abovewere sleeping as well or found another earth to shine for.Extra sad, the blue sidewalk disappearedat the corner of First and Broadway.

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As One City girl in woods. A lake. A pier. Feet submerged. She squeals. It is cold. Aching ebbs. She sighs. Yellow butterfly hovers. Sharing wing music. Baby bass swimming. Fishers. Poles over shoulders. City girl shooes them. Feet over pebbles. Clumsy dance around boulders to the warblers’ beat. Fifty feet beneath limbs, leaves, parting […]

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GODDESS OF THE GOLDEN PATH She follows the magic of red bumblebee and fruit tree. In her honor I conduct lightning rods over scrolls of ancient China. Like a dance gliding over ice on a sidewalk, she’ll swing to heal my soul. She’ll be cheering for me as I emerge from pools of old ghosts […]



The Unfair ground The heart sinks as if on the world’s oldest broken rollercoaster, The utter brutality of memory, memorialised in physical sensation. The destination disappointing the journey, always. And so I dream of the farce of fairground… Ghost trains scarier when strapped to seats in unending darkness. Tests of strength hell bent on you […]

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3 POEMS – John D Robinson

NIGHT GENTLE Stood in the doorway, framed in dim lighting, the night, gentle with Lester Young blowing like a stoned hummingbird, she stood, crying, quietly, not in sadness, she stood in the doorway and I wished that I was a painter or composer, she looked up, at me, her face wet with our kind of […]

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CABLES – Martin Anastasovski

Cables Like diplomatic cables,  the black strings are tangled.  They relay electricity and information,  a lot of which is tangled. Through the stained glass of the separation  I can see people moving about.  Looking inside,  They can only see human heads:  idle, like heads of cabbage in the field. The three recycling bins in the […]

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