“a little bird” I stare at the shed and notice a bluebird  on that nearby tree, on that branch halfway up, chirping. Hey, my coworker says  Hey, I say  Are you distracted, she says  Sorry, I say  And she leaves  And I go back to my bird.  But it is no longer chirping on that […]

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NONES What we know to be not possible,Though time after time foretoldBy wild hermits, by shaman and sybilGibbering in their trances,Or revealed to a child in some chance rhymeLike will and kill, comes to passBefore we realize it: we are surprisedAt the ease and speed of our deedAnd uneasy: It is barely three,Mid-afternoon, yet the […]

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5 POEMS – Joe Sonnenblick

A Mint Left On The Pillow   Not a cure, more of a ritual She’s got the curve of the moon from the ribcage to the thigh Serotonin levels off, Birds dropping down the tree branch by branch Leaves and blood, A final guffaw and twitch. Sitting patiently, waiting for the newness, The change, Thoughts not […]

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2 POEMS – Carolyn Adams

Do Something   His mouth is full of light. He clamps it shut. I know he’s filled, without my alabaster breast. I’m left heavy with what he doesn’t need. A humming grows as a star rises on the plain. In the manger, animals sway, sensing rhythm. Beating wings. A terrible wind.   I sit on […]

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