Michael Lee Johnson – Crypt in the Sky

CRYPT IN THE SKY Order me up, no one knows where this crypt in the sky like a condo on the 5th floor suite don’t sell me out over the years; please don’t bury me beneath this ground, don’t let me decay inside my time pine casket. Don’t let me burn to cremate skull last […]

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DEMONS The demons that dwell inside my head are coming out now and I greet them with a resigned malice while my neighbors finish dinner, help their children with homework, put dishes in the dishwasher, discuss finances, take their pills, finish watching Jeopardy.


R. Gerry Fabian – 3 POEMS

Aphrodite’s Spatial Analysis This love denies time. It only eats when hungry as it eschews tradition. Pale moonlight is its energy. It sleeps late on weekends  in a quilted entanglement. Exploration evolves without sound – a small breath – coy eyes. Kisses are airborne. It grows through a ventilation system of deflected sunlight and shadows. […]

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blossom hibbert – metade

metade a man sleeps beside me clutching half a lemon and i smoke half a cigarette, for the fullness of the world exists only in the chapel i prayed in this morning (basilica da estrela) surviving off custard pastries and espressos the pigeon named julio, pecks by my feet in a silly quest to discover […]

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J.I. Kleinberg  – Early March

Early March The sky digs in her fingersto massage the mountain, presses deep into canyon cleftswhere the ache of glacier and rock-fall scrape is most acute,rubs a hard gloss onto ice and slickrock, breathes a thin heat onto sloped meadowswhere elk browse among winter-worn grasses, and a small fox, untouched by cold,a gold glint of […]

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