We post a new poem on our homepage every Wednesday at 4:19 PM or 4:21 PM (Mountain). Sometimes we post on holidays and on Sundays.

We are a substandard subsidiary of Grandma Moses Press.

We were founded in 2015. This makes us the oldest poetry journal in the contiguous United States. Alaska has one that was founded in 2014.

All photography on Cacti Fur is by Suzy Hiro.

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Jim Thompson founded Cacti Fur in 2015. He serves as editor in chief. He took 2 creative writing classes in a public high school in LaGrange, Georgia. The Kickapoo River is his favorite river. Jim works as a substitute teacher in Southern New Mexico. Send poetry questions or comments to Jim at cactifureditor@gmail.com.

Linda Curtain is the assistant editor at Cacti Fur. She comes from Mobile, Alabama. She wants a job that pays, but this is all she’s got at the moment. She says she does more work at Cacti Fur than Jim, and she’s probably right.

Laurence Bratferd is 5’7″ and wanted to be a basketball player but his dreams were crushed when he tore his ACL working at a grocery store.  After 6 years of college, he holds a BS in Kinesiology and a minor in English. He still can’t drive, but he does enjoy queer poetry. He is our first intern and he is the president of the Intern Organization (IO) at CACTI FUR. Laurence would love to hear from you, you can also send poem submissions to him if you are scared of Jim. His email: L.Bratferdcactifur@gmail.com