Our reading period is currently OPEN.  


Thanks for considering Cacti Fur as a possible home for your poetry.

The only way to know if your poems will fit in here is to send them.

Your work may be selected for our blogroll which we post new every Wednesday.


Include all poems in the body of your email.
We prefer all lines left justified.
A cover letter is optional; if you do include a cover letter,
put it at the end of your poems and tell us something unique about yourself.
Simultaneous submissions are welcome.
Please allow some time for a response.
Submit up to five unpublished poems to Jim Thompson at
Cacti Fur requests first internet rights, meaning we are the first to publish the poem; However, upon publication by Cacti Fur, all rights revert back to the author who can then republish the poem in any way they want without having to gain permission from Cacti Fur.
Cacti Fur requests the right for your poem to be archived on our website, but the author retains the right for the poem to be taken off the archive at any time with a written request to Cacti Fur from the author.


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