CABLES – Martin Anastasovski


Like diplomatic cables, 

the black strings are tangled. 

They relay electricity and information, 

a lot of which is tangled.

Through the stained glass of the separation 

I can see people moving about. 

Looking inside, 

They can only see human heads: 

idle, like heads of cabbage in the field.

The three recycling bins in the atrium 

are yellow, green and blue, 

from left to right. 

If one were red, 

people may get the idea 

they are approaching an intersection.

How many hours 

of intensive office work 

does it take for an employee 

in Japan 

to die laying on a bench?

Independent research shows 

the average worker needs to 

put in many hours of screen time 

before they make something 

that will make them proud.  

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