POETRY: Broc Riblet – Ant Spider Moth

Ant Spider Moth

Ants line up like opening night.
They look like spilled beans.
One of them carries an entire fruity pebble
on his back. A yellow one to
be exact.
Well done, small thing.
How strong, how impressive.
What admirable work ethic.
Ant women should tell him that he is
a good man.
He should get a raise from the foreman.
His weekend night should consist of a
dining out. A show if he is
into that sort of thing.
A couple of drinks if he is so
And a chance to retire because he
has lifted his colorful boulder and held
He did his job.
Ant, you are your own hero. Your
own accomplishment, if only for that
one pebble.
Later that day, a spider has grappled
with a moth, and the spider has
gotten the better of that tussle.
The moth’s wings are soft but
he was bullied by the spider,
more physically minded.


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