POETRY: Catfish McDaris – Houdini and Picasso


Houdini and Picasso


The egg yolk moon had a grip
on the obsidian sun horizon
all dissonant focus blurred

Telling her he had a taste for
sushi was Quick’s big mistake,
her lady friends responded
to his innocent intention

They thought of him as a
cannibal of love, their relation-
ship took a tragic detour

At a reading one night he said,
“I’m going to feed my voice to
you with a silver spoon, my jaded
words will fill your mind until
you explode like Mount Vesuvius”

“Ownership is a passing storm cloud,
your possessions own you, all things
are borrowed, rented, or stolen”

“Kiss me goodbye, baby girls, don’t
look for me, I’ll be in the shadows,
I’ll always love you, I just can’t take
you, I’m going Houdini”

That night Quick woke up and his
lady had grabbed and clamped down
on his tongue with vice grips, she sliced
it off with an electric turkey knife, her dog,
Picasso swallowed it like a juicy treat.


Check out more of Catfish’s work in his chapbook Buffalo Nickels (2014), published by Grandma Moses Press.

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