POETRY: Jon Huerta

a long poem about finally giving up

thinking about
the torn up quilt
that was way
too old to keep
the sleeping bag
had seen better days
it would have turned
twelve this week
really missing that
sacred navajo rug
that was in
the back seat
and that worn out
Kelty pack i got when
i was seventeen
all located in the
beat up truck that
was found down
the street
the radiator was
leaking anyway
makes that squeaky
sound when she speaks
much too nerve racking
for any thief
shit i should have
given up years ago
finally had enough
and jumped ship
for someone even
less fortunate than me




Vinton, New Mexico/Texas Border

day in day out
watching the sea
of cotton grow
the morning glory
no too far behind
dew so thick
it would cling
to your clothes
like you had
just jumped
into the rio grande
mosquito’s thirsty
for fresh booze
heavy blood
the sun so hot
it turned black hair


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