What movie are we in?
I mean, is this the main feature
or just a cartoon?
Funny, huh?Why it seems so pivotal,
no Grade B tragi-com, but drama, true to life.

There should be long dolly shots,
some camera crew on the fringes,
proper lighting, a Greek background.

Freeze frame.Get the picture.
How painful is the close-up?
Stop dreaming as if for distance.

Here we are, always the stand-in Extras
and now suddenly Principals!

Yes, the chorus was better, wasn’t it?
To be a couple of strung along gypsies
managing stunts as roles demanded.

This script is just a sketch.
I don’t know my lines, am not sure
if I follow.

Won’t someone slow the reels up a bit,
delay your exit or else edit, re-write
the way this thing’s turning out?

My love, we’re are only audience.
Remember your cues, my delivery?
How did this set get so barren?

It just happened, happened,
that much I see.


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