Distinctly Extinct

Dodos died
because they didn’t flee
from hunters.
No differently,
Covid-19 aims
at us all effectively
as a semi-automatic rifle.
Understanding the evil of this rival,
fight the hunter
before history misremembers
why some humans didn’t flee.



The always relaxed
and odiferous
God Crepitus
purges on his throne.
Racist Rap and Rock tunes
as unpleasant as toxic fumes
play throughout his home.
Thanks to his phone
from Verizon,
the Roman titan
reads the Nazi websites.
He is fond of their insights,
and he glows
knowing his influence
ubiquitously spews
and infuses with everything,
including Fox News
that awaits his daily perusal.


6 thoughts on “2 POEMS BY BOB MCNEIL

  1. Great in-your-face types of pieces, Mr. McNeil. They are both thought provoking, what many, many people in this day and age need to read and re-read again. One can only hope that your words will sink in.


  2. Both of these poems strike at the heart of two very different plagues attacking our society. They also do so with almost surgical precision.


  3. You are right to the point. I love both poems. You tackled both American medical stupidity about a virus and American fascism based on lies like Linebacker Lawrence Taylor use to crush QBs, WRs, and RBs for the New York Giants. Even Jets fans could appreciate L.T.’s skills.


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