Erren Kelly – 2 POEMS

Kim Porter, Police Officer It was just a routine checkYou were only going to searchhis car, you saw his expired license tagsand a tree air freshenerhanging in the rear windowit would just be routine:your 26 years of experiencenever failed youthen a warrant check discoveredhe had a warrant, a weaponspossession charge; he figuredhe could outrun the […]

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Distinctly Extinct Dodos diedbecause they didn’t fleefrom hunters.No differently,Covid-19 aimsat us all effectivelyas a semi-automatic rifle.Understanding the evil of this rival,fight the hunterbefore history misrememberswhy some humans didn’t flee. ~ Crepitus The always relaxedand odiferousGod Crepituspurges on his throne.Racist Rap and Rock tunesas unpleasant as toxic fumesplay throughout his home.Thanks to his phonefrom Verizon,the Roman […]


Continental Breakfast La Quinta Jackson Mississippi – Tim Staley

Continental Breakfast La Quinta Jackson, Mississippi There’s a sadness in heart-shaped waffles, in the cool flickering logs, in the tower  of Styrofoam tended to by a brown person. There’s petroleum in the apparel, haircuts and politics of the others. There’s blunt force trauma in the space-age gravy,  in the Fruit Loops from a wheel, in […]

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