DARING DUO – Fred Gerhard

Daring Duo

Coyotes and bobcats have been spotted

in my rural New England town. Not actually spotted, but

there have been sightings. And not together, never

together, having the same approximate jobs.

Like competing dentists, we are obliged to see

one or the other as they extract what they must.

It was a very good year for chipmunks and they

knew it, leaping to and fro through low garden fences

in rapid succession like long furry ping pong balls

in a heated match. And so much like flying Mars bars that

it became a very good year for coyotes

and bobcats as well. – But never together.

Which makes me imagine, if coyotes and bobcats

were to join forces what wonders they could accomplish.

Perhaps they do when we are not looking,

and pursue bigger game after polishing off

tapirs, emus, coatis – I haven’t seen a single tapir

in the four years I’ve lived here.

They might be protecting us, the coyote and

the bobcat, like superheroes teaming up to

defeat an alien menace. Muscular in their gray fur

outfits. Come to think of it,

no one has spotted a Bengal tiger or a Kodiak bear in

all of Worcester county this year. Not one.

Let us give thanks to the coyotes and bobcats,

for putting aside their differences, and

teaming up just this once for all time while we,

in our homes, avoiding deadly viruses, breathe easy,

and watch from our windows, cell phones poised,

ready to capture one final heroic escapade:

coyote and bobcat,

united to save the world.


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