The swarm of buzzing continues down the road. The way it hums startles the silence, stirring around the surrounding eco system.

The way the cottontail’s ears twitch every second of every beat the gray fox’s paw fall onto the red sand.

The lack of silence disturbs the yucca as it raises its stem high in the air, begging to be seen. Begging for the attention it believes it deserves.

The attention it craves being satisfied by the mice and weevils, wanting to fill their stomachs to out run their predators.

Something so primal and yet so dark and gruesome.

As the cottontail gets caught by the gray fox,

the yucca gets too much attention from the ones it wishes could be anything else as it gets torn from the inside out to get digested,

then, and only then, does the buzzing finally stop,

the cicadas fall silent for now

as the red sand settles.


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