The brain is more
than a cerebral cortex
connected by synapses
to thousands of neurons.

It stores an infinity of ideas
ready, at any moment,
to be introduced
in a public setting
by the tongue.

Even something as simple as
“Let’s go get Chinese tonight.”
A neuron wouldn’t think of that.
Nor would one respond with
“I’m in the mood for Italian.”

A difference of opinion,
on the other hand,
is an example of reflexes set in motion
by conflicts in peripheral ganglia.

The ensuing argument
is nothing more than self-generating
muscle activity in the vocal chords,
characterized by the likes of,
“Why do we always have to do
what you want to do.”

Sometimes this leads
to a breakdown in communication
between glial cells and axons.
This is known as
an awkward silence.

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