R. Gerry Fabian – 3 POEMS

Aphrodite’s Spatial Analysis

This love denies time.

It only eats when hungry

as it eschews tradition.

Pale moonlight is its energy.

It sleeps late on weekends 

in a quilted entanglement.

Exploration evolves without sound –

a small breath – coy eyes.

Kisses are airborne.

It grows through a ventilation system

of deflected sunlight and shadows.

Its essence is 

honeysuckle, spearmint and jasmine

infused by window breezes.


Metaphoric Vegetarian Stew

The water is essential.

Much like people,

the quartered potatoes, peeled carrots, 

chopped celery,

raw onions, smashed garlic, 

sifted flour

sea salt and black pepper

are basic.

Alone they are

individual in their flavor.

Combine them together,


following an ancestral recipe

and let them simmer.

Then they fuse

emitting an enticing aroma


simple healthy broth –

devoid of prejudice.


Extending Extrapolation

I favor sunsets

with the yellow orange

splashes of fading color.

You are sunrise

with wet white grass

and new crisp air.

My breakfast is crisp bacon;

yours, whisked egg whites.

I am ESPN;

You are PBS.

I crave a level love;

you select static sensation.

And then there’s

the binding bond –

we sleep well together.



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