“My ol lady
left me when
her ol dog died, man.
It’s not the first time either…
They say it’s finally
going to snow in Albuquerque.
That’s when shit gets real”



It takes so much work
to hit the stratosphere.
LEO or “low earth orbit” for short,
for instance takes multi generational
mathematicians working
around the clock for years
on end and an unfathomable
amount of gasoline
just to touch for mere minutes.
Don’t beat yourself up, we got so so close



There’s this little oceanside town
outside San Francisco
the original o.g. hippies,
like before the sixties,
bought that shit proper
and still own today, no shit.

We roll up five bands deep
to this restaurant owner
tripping balls on the beach
crying his eyes out
for his dead mother
who died the night before.

Tears of something we’re rolling
from his face while his original
boom box plays an Enya tape,
I’m assuming his mother’s.
Later that night, still tripping,
and after finally coming to
the realization of my sexual
orientation made me pay
the bar tab after running up
the bill on whiskey sours
all day long. I didn’t care about that.

I was more upset that the killer whale
wouldn’t let me back
into the hotel room after the sun came up


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