12 HAIKU – Lindsey Morrison Grant

Fun with Poetry Magnets-Haiku

From top over blood
embrace repulsive desire
soft apparatus

worship nice sausage
petal always has urge ache
to touch pleasing pole

we manipulate
yet promise just nonsense sex
cuddle my flame

warm soul, wash sweet feet
soak with sleep, bathing beneath
shadow of heaven

above egg sky storm
incubate my sweet home voice
rest broken shell piece

true vision recalls
place & blood between sad screams
morning angel roars

blue fiddle woman
shadow symphony moment
through eternity

whisper white diamond
delicate goddess at sleep
sweet sacred dance

fresh forever promise
luscious laugh is true music
listen, caress dreams

drool, my love puppy
trudge the evening forest
gentle tongue glistens

women follow meaning
blood cry is like a death chant
remember to smile

true holy bouquet
tiny pink rose, blue boyfriend
red wine, purple love

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