THE GOATHEADS OF LINDA VISTA – THE LYRICS by Poet Tim Staley (10.2020 to 6.2021)


Blue cross blue shield
Keeps my bowl filled

I crashed the cannabis cup
manic on the hippie bus

social my security
weighed at the dispensary 

greetings earthlings
I’m here for your terpenes

I got lost in the forest
I couldn’t hear the chorus
The darkness is shifting
The sameness is lifting

So bump your sweet knee on
Bump your sweet knee on me
your sweet knee on me 1 2 3 4.  			x2

(Lick twice after each chorus)

I yell sick ‘em
then play the victim

stacked deck NASDAQ
sifting through coatimundi scat

would you help me choose
the most patriotic hate group

and by honesty I mean
you’re way ahead of me

I was under the dresser 
under so much pressure
The darkness is shifting
The sameness is lifting


Year before the mayflower 
came the old white power 

it was my mistake 
my scruples running late 

uplift suasion 
public education 

good looking the other way 
how our country was made



all these pants empty of flesh 
all these years never seen a dress
Mistletoe, Phainopeps 
plaid boxers and a pair of sweats
you sweet talk no tooth to back it
look here, a discarded blue jean jacket 

All these clothes on the ground 
in their threads a dying sound

colder the night longer the song 
bless the garbage carpet 
once the body is gone	   x2

Sweatpants by pink cardboard 
a leather belt barely worn 
blue black jeans looking distressed 
clothes don’t die when you undress 
here’s a regular here’s a plus 
cracks make a pattern in the dust	


argyle socks by the road
where did their feet go?
the basketball shorts of a cheater 
I can still smell the Lebanon cedar
I found a blue bandanna 
on the tile floor of Alabama



	Is it Vicks pickle 	HAEWN 
or just a napkin belongin’ to Vick 

Now Vicks been hired to do some work 
pour the foundation round the concrete skirt 
he’s on time, you better believe 
sews a vent around the eaves 
come lunchtime he chills with Bob 
look out! look out! it’s his green blob

Hungarian fiddle down from the closet 
like riding a bike you haven’t lost it
call your old lovers to ‘round 
gather the ones who still adore the clown 
candy floss and ferris wheel 
cloud of resin -- the bow peels 

he’s never late but I keep waiting on 
the person I’m based upon
It’s not about history but body heat
we are the words that ghosts repeat
drink found me and set up shop 
I was the redeye of the cyclops

	vocal jam: don’t dilly dally down goathead alley 
best not to sally down goathead alley


REBEL AGAINST YOU (Jimmy tailgate)

I never held rebel against you
I held the paddle in your canoe

Every backstory has a breaking point 
cousins coming in his yellow Rolls-Royce

best thing about your full plate 
you find time to self-advocate

Aquarium rocks by Georgian bay 
our birthright is acid rain

Oh, He’s not that bad if you dig way deep
To the bottom of Lake Ontario
Down Where all the nobles go
To the blue eyed belly of Lake Ontario

we shot pigeons and doves
even though Obama took our guns

we left our worries by the bedside
there in the morning for us to find

fort sumpter sank into the sea
hoorah hoorah! mix a mint julip with me

the turning point became convex
North and South the same duplex

		(space jamchorus x2)


I see you bro Do you see me
I see you bro Don’t ya’ll ever go to sleep

You see my dog call it a cat 
believe it or not I got patience for that

Just Let me pick which drugs you do
R u a thug Or part of my crew 

one kind favor I ask of you 
break me off a piece of that beautiful view

	U on linda vista, dude				
There’s A quartz movement a brew
We neighborhood watching  you          	
Come n sip our desert spoon

sperm whales call with clicks and groans
I’m made narrow by the things I know

Meth lab yoga studio little bit moody-o 
strike the pose home grown Padradiso


Organ Mountains to the east 
so many diamonds on your jeans

I follow directions and I call the shots
a real estate infection, I call the cops

what kind of druggie does that make me
when I’m Ronnie Reagan and you’re the enemy

Come on down to this end of the street
and break me off a little piece



HOMETOWN (for Montgomery)

my hometown’s got a hold on you 
Confederate Cannon rolling through
Has it caught up to u 
I mean really up to you

Boutonnieres and tall pine trees 
southern boys say ma’am and please 
you told us what to do 
I was left up to you

smell of campfire on your clothes
firing pistols down Pike road
I learned so much from you
I was brought up by you

Paddles strokes and Old Town boats
Country clubs and 1 or 2 racist jokes
it’s rubbing off on you
Laugh it off on you

Why do I gag on your Gadsden flag?
Why do you hate on my carpet bag?
I have been calling you
sifting through your fragile roots

Stiletto knives let arrows fly 
10 point buck castle Wolfenstein 
I looked up to you
Have u been spoken to?

transition: I talked myself outta talking outright to you

	(triplet jam)

I don’t need another 
Don’t tread on me brother 
I don’t need another 
Robert E Lee brother

I don’t need another 
Motgomery my brother
I don’t need another
Bull Connor brother

I Don’t need another 
Blue wall my brother
I don’t need another 
David duke church mother

I don’t need another 
Fancy frat brother 
I don’t need another 
Turncoat southerner 



 	your boss 
your spouse 
your abode 
your temporal lobe 
 your spice rack 
your paprika pack
your smoky 
sweet sack
SMUDGE stick
your xanthan gum 
your kingdom come
your precious mussels
your Anne of green gables
SMUDGE stick
your keyboards 
your keys are bored
your keyring 
you never leave
SMUDGE stick
your party lines 
your tiny zines
your beaded curtain
your make believe 
SMUDGE stick
your pimpled shrimp 
your hamstrung drugs
your novitiate glove 
our mutual love 
SMUDGE stick
your sidewalk chalk 
your manic spots
Your referees
and your catastrophes
 SMUDGE stick
your breath on the forks 
your hair on the orchid
your toxic sleep
your in betweens


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