Grimm Trumps Mister Rogers & Mister Hooper

So Goldilocks heads to the bears’ cabin, where momma bear is to the left, poppa bear leans to the right with his gnashing teeth and AK-47, while baby bear is a baby, a new USA, a new real world where the browns and blacks, Asians and Eskimo, and people of all sandy regions, African regions, Puerto Ricans & Cubans, can all get a fair share at the table and we can all have a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas and/or Haunaka and/or Kwanzaa and/or Chinese New Year together.

This is a place where a snake oil salesman, in the guise of a wolf, grabbed Red’s private parts, and he ate your grandma with covid inaction.

This is where the USA, which was once made of strong red brick and cinder block, has put up homes of straw and sticks, and tents, and pushes shopping carts, while I enjoy my yacht and country club.  Fuck the rest of you, because, “Fuck the rest of you!”

Man, damn that wolf, that snake oil boy, that slick liar, cheater, and stealer of your money, time, and character.   Will he look good in orange?  Will he be so bold as to take his life like the pedophile friend of his?  They took babies at the border and they fucked your teenage daughters.  They killed your grandparents, and you wanted a tax cut and jobs in coal, and maybe one last chance to show your true racist colors.

No my friend, the USA is a crayon box of colors and we are coloring in a new coloring book.

Whatever happened to the days of Mister Rogers and Mister Hooper?  They ain’t gone, just in reruns on PBS.


Hey, why does that asshole get a shot before us?  Two shots?  Damn him.

Roo Bardookie

Roo is a gypsy gal from the Espana regions who moved to Arizona and now works out of Alaska.  She likes to roast Louis Marvin and eat him.  She is haunted by the Alice White's husbands ghost.  Alice lives in Zane Grey Acres in Heber, AZ.

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