Not knowing exactly
when he'll meet the right one,
his bank manager
won't take what he has.
won't lend him
what he hasn't.
his lawyer states plainly.
"You have no case."
his PR guy says,
"Publicize what?"
the cop can't arrest him
or set him free,
the priest doesn't know
laud from admonish,
the mailman
sniffs the bills
and shakes his head,
the fireman can't
tell what's burning,
the teacher won't give lessons
because the semester hasn't started.
the trash collector
has no idea
what he's recycling,
what is garbage forever.
He roams the bars, the clubs,
even the sidewalks.
The bartender
can shut him off
but shut off what exactly?
Coat check can take his jacket
but has no clue
what to give in return.
The sidewalks all
passersby and cracks.
The passersby
keep on passing by
and the cracks
aren't nearly wide enough.

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