This poetry sequence was written by a teenaged writer in Southern NM. We are thrilled to be the first journal to publish her work.

 the day that

 we first met.
 eleven years old, sitting in a science lab 
 that seemed foreign. 
 she was sitting to the left of me, 
 a stranger in an even stranger classroom. 
 the fetus of a horse bobbed in a jar of liquid
 on a shelf. 
 microscopes were placed
 on every table. 
 I didn’t take much notice of her, 
 just another classmate
 on the first day of middle school.

the day that

 she and I were in the library
 sitting on the floor. 
 the one that every school has,
 dingy with chewed gum
 mashed into the carpet.
 classes had begun months ago.
 it was silent reading time,
 but we didn’t care. 
 we listened to the same music
 and wanted to start a band
 even though neither of us 
 knew how to play any instruments.


 the day that

 we walked to the post exchange
 after school. 
 we shared a two pack
 of reese’s peanut butter cups.
 drops of condensation 
 clung to our plastic cups 
 from the cold drinks inside,
 her’s sprite, 
 mine diet coke,
 sitting on the hard metal bench,
 in the cold,
 thighs touching,
 young and naive.


 the day that

 I learned her mother had passed away
 and that she would be moving.
 driving to her house
 for the last time
 in a surreal state of mind.
 her near-empty house filled with
 boxes, suitcases,
 her family.
 saying goodbye, at least for a while.
 when we first met I didn’t take much notice of her,
 but then I realized,
 I would love her forever.

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