You see that rock up there on this hill? Yeah, the one that looks like a face? Yeah what about it? They call that mountain the Franklins.A few years before it was called something different and later they will call it something else. So what? When that rock was new it witnessed the river that carved out this valley, or at least from here it would have looked pretty badass.That rock? Yeah. At one point that rock up there saw campfires stretch from here to Chihuahua; where you can't tell where a country starts and another begins, no electric light then just little fires burning bright next to butt huts and kids running around before it was time to eat. The rock saw all that? Yeah. It saw itself pushed straight from the ground when the mountain formed from a crack in the earth bunching up on itself till it ended up here. It rolled around up here and watched the world grow. When we die that rock will still be there. When everyone we know is dust that rock is going to laugh and say it persisted. It will witness when the sun supernovas and burns it all down to atoms and we extinguish into the nether. This rock right here? Yeah. That one. Stupid rock. 

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