the fan sitting on

a window sill

was gently blowing

the curtains on to

a radiator heater

the phone rang and rang

water boiling in a kettle

steam whistling out as if

it were a toy locomotive

circling the red hot

coils on a portable

electric range

plugged in to a

bloodstained wall

water overflowing in

the old clawfoot bathtub

Randy Travis blaring on

a portable FM radio

from an empty living room



Drying out

An army cot

Above the Taos

Fire station

Is not an ideal spot

But the cool breeze

Coming through

The window

Sure feels



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One thought on “JOHNNY HUERTA – 2 POEMS

  1. Good Job Nefew
    Really love the imagery that you provide – your poems have a certain smell that is only familiar if you grew up in Grandma Toosies kitchen and cut weeds growing from the trap door of the cesspool in the back yard
    Your poetry tastes of Chicano and De Colores and a sixer of Schlitz recently purchased at the Tower Bar on the Old Dexter Hiway
    I Love you Jon


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