Wyborne Michaels – 2 poems


Trains and Angels leave devastation in their wake

To those destined to meet them

Sodom and Gammorah stops along the eternal track

The clock keeps ticking

And people look to it with reverance

As if it were an authority

When it itself is flawed down to the cogs

Gilded in gold covering copper

The clock keeps ticking

And the trains keep running

Neither helping those on the platforms



Every move I make is a performance

For an invisible audience

For invisible talent agents on opening night

Each word is said with practiced grace

Every sip from a straw dainty

Each swallow seductive

Every bite of the apple a perfect circle easily taken

I’m easily swallowed

I’m the prettiest side character with two lines each scene I’m in

Left to captivate the audience with

“Who’s he?”

With clever tricks and lighting I’m made an ideal

Lifts and platforms to make me taller

Black to make me slimmer

Always back-lit so the audience can’t look me in the eyes and know me

Know me

Know me

Know me

If all the world’s a stage like Shakespeare says

I want to be backstage

If all the world’s a stage

I know I’m stuck in front of the audience looking for a tragedy

Because why else would I be performing this hard?

For an invisible audience

Where my talent won’t be seen

Because being worshipped is something so vulnerable I can’t stand

Or lay under again

I look up at spotlights and ask

“Can you make me beautiful like you?”

Make me glitter and shine

Sure in my placement and I

Surrender to the movement

Of each standard and person I thought loved me

Blinding and burning and powerful


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