Robert Beveridge – 2 POEMS


amethyst on your chin
secret recipe for hot brown
last time you grocery shopped
brown leaves in the hall
state halfway between sleep
bottom of the bedsheets
last time Toto had a hit
movies released last Friday
wakefulness against your toe
maze of ice crystals
unbearable weight of your skin
frozen stacks of bills in the basement
life unexamined
scent of guava in Tiffin
last thing you need

* * *


I was thinking more about muscles
than I was about rockabilly
but the end result was the same,
two uncontrollable legs
and a pair of chopsticks
across the room, chili sauce
and shrimp splattered
on the wall. There has
to be some fiberglass around
here somewhere, my brain
conjures up out of nowhere
as my seat rockets backwards
and I head face first for the floor

* * *

Robert Beveridge (he/him) makes noise ( and writes poetry in Akron, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in Blood and Thunder, Feral, and Grand Little Things, among others.
Social Media:IG: @ebolaisthesaviorDiaspora:

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