All the naked women

turned out to be

Barbies on the kitchen floor




The spider grins

when something crashes its web

and breaks its connections




A crystal airway

blocked by a hot dog

collapsed the operation




Alone time

in December

is somber




She slinked

into her boudoir

to barf




The hearty handshakes

at the coming together

of cardiac techs




My friend Gray Ball is gone

his walkie-talkie—channel 6

dead for now




These logs know the drill

blaze—shine—radiate for the

span of my desire




My only message

is slow down

the way you chew




The awful moment

when you must abandon

what you’ve been staring at




There’s your current words

then there’s the brute blur

of their birth shape




My To Do list

has just one thing on it:

make a To Do list




You get to pick

when the eager beaver

meets the mountain lion


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