3 thoughts on “HAPPY 420 FROM DR. JOHNNY HUERTA

  1. Johnny, let me start with, “I’m a fan.” I’m a fan of yours (have books, even poster on my studio wall) but I think you’ve been locked up too long. So much anger–jealousy? Love your honesty and edginess. Stick to that.BTW did you hear City Lights is closing down? Yup.


  2. Spoke too soon. A Go Fund Me account has raised over $365,000 in one day to keep City Lights open. As a teen in NYC I carried Lawrence Ferlinghetti in my school bag, then in my backpack as I hitched across country in a successful attempt to run from home. (Still running, although slower–more of a hop, skip, and a jump.) So I guess this one feels sacrilegious. Hope to hear more from you sooner than later.


  3. Love that you have poster on your wall! My beef with city light is when it comes to self published poets, or publishers without distribution, city lights snubs the underground, the poets on the beat… to me, that defeats the whole reason why they started all thise years back. A place where a broken poet could find a home, and where a thirsty could find their words. Ive been fortunate enough to magically end up on the shelves of our belived city lights, not without hitching a ride to sf with nothing in my pocket except a pen and notepad, networking through the vast concrete jungle of the underbelly. But, i felt slighted when i heard they turned their nose to the people that made that place what it is.

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