FICTION: Jim Hodgson – Dangerous Dan

From Jim Hodgson’s novel Dangerous Dan, available now at Amazon. Follow Jim on Twitter @jimhodgson.   ––––– The guy looked like a runner. All the signs were there. The unconscious bending at the knees, the eyes darting to their corners. His forearms even drew up a bit at the elbows. Definitely a runner. “Dangerous” Dan McNamara […]

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POETRY: Sara Cooper, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Howie Good

Sara Cooper


In the lobby on the eleventh floor
of the courthouse where we’ve come to be wed
an upscale call girl lacquers her nails more
for the intoxicating fumes than red

so that, dismayed, the secretary who
leads us to the judge—clenching a bouquet
of legally binding forms—says, Can you
believe what people do? And I say no

and then I say yes and you and always
without taking off my coat. Out the window:
horizon of complicated freeways,
each leading somewhere, but mostly

throbbing at the knot; two pillars of factory
smoke, focused at first, lose their discrete
     forms and diffuse into more gray sky.




Robin Wyatt Dunn


Pancakes meditate upon themselves
And I meditate upon the end,
Mother on the dishes.

Outside, sunlight is dreaming in a cousin-language.



Howie Good


In the dark subzero hours of early morning,
I have been woken up by yips & squeaks,
coyote pups trying to keep warm. I lie there
and listen, & then I am no longer the color of tears.


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