THE BLUE SIDEWALK BY Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

The Blue Sidewalk The blue sidewalkwas a little sad with pedestrians sleeping on itand others stepping on the cracks all day long. The stars abovewere sleeping as well or found another earth to shine for.Extra sad, the blue sidewalk disappearedat the corner of First and Broadway.

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Butterfly Guts Older Sister. Little Brother. They pass the time by picking on each other. “Do you know that once a caterpillar turns into a Butterfly, it only lives for one more day?” Brother doesn’t dare question Sister. Sister knows everything. Sister can even count to one hundred. Brother blindly believes Sister for way too […]



THANKS TO THE PULSING NEWS Every day spurting red  over our world. Is it blood? It is blood. If I did not see the blood I would chew red meat, quaff red wine, don purple gilded robes, clothed in luxurious privilege. But news–you put the blood in my eye, stir my blood to rage, red on red. I will fight to the death, paint you in an […]

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Aubade A spasm of brown and tan  crosses Armijo Lateral. Waves of squirming tadpoles fan like peacock feathers  in a paunch of late morning light. In the low pool All-it-can-eat  tadpoles. Slithering closer: a few feet long  ½ those feet  obscured  by murky water. An effervescence in its eyes  as it spits out its tongue  […]

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Jazmin Witherspoon – 3 POEMS

Instructions for Preventing Transgressions on Your Body When these precautions fail, attemptthe following:Administer a slap, a kick, some physical show of displeasure or just sit up and scream Stop, please, stop ~ Stockholm SyndromeYou say my voice is just a touch sexyHindsight, the red flags are everywhereYou ask What brings you to the big appleI’m not running […]

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R.T. Castleberry – THE FINAL ELEGY

THE FINAL ELEGY I see your fate as my brother’s was,as mine might have been—actions furthered by weakness,theatrics unworthy of review.That you find diversion inself-pity is unremarkable:through a glass,refracted light makes a fine mirror;a movie lens never focuses on soiled sheets.I can forgive you all but submissionthat is only vanity, only exhaustion.I’ll write you off […]

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As One City girl in woods. A lake. A pier. Feet submerged. She squeals. It is cold. Aching ebbs. She sighs. Yellow butterfly hovers. Sharing wing music. Baby bass swimming. Fishers. Poles over shoulders. City girl shooes them. Feet over pebbles. Clumsy dance around boulders to the warblers’ beat. Fifty feet beneath limbs, leaves, parting […]

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WHEN THE SHIT GETS REAL “My ol lady left me when her ol dog died, man. It’s not the first time either… They say it’s finally going to snow in Albuquerque. That’s when shit gets real” ~ WE GOT SO CLOSE It takes so much work to hit the stratosphere. LEO or “low earth orbit” […]


Daniel Schulz – 4 POEMS

Writing It all starts on a blank page, blank like the silence that surrounds me every day. The things that no one else will say. That blank space into which I cast my line, trying to find out what the next line is again and again and again like punching against a wall of silence […]

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