Daniel Schulz – 4 POEMS


It all starts

on a blank page,

blank like the silence

that surrounds me

every day. The things

that no one else will say.

That blank space

into which I cast my line,

trying to find out

what the next line is


and again

and again

like punching against

a wall of silence

trying to make it speak.


Cheap Brands

Ever realized how cheap brands

advertise themselves with smiling faces,

because they cater to the poor?

While expensive brands

pose with serious demeanor,

signifying importance

like statues

from ancient Greece

and Rome.

As if to underline the burdens

that they carry,

while someone else fixes the toilet

and the shit that we produce.



Dad is afraid I might be a woman.

Dad is afraid I might be gay.

A matter for national security.


might have washed my brain.

Watch Nazis burn books

and complain about censorship.

Watch people cry

that there are only two genders,

but be afraid that boys

might no longer be men.

Watch borderlines become color lines.

Watch soldiers being butchered for nothing.

Watch old war movies.

Watch deportations.

Watch yourself in the mirror.

Watch Monument Porn.


The Wealthy

O blessed be charity!

The wealthy are but sacks of gold,

sitting on our backs,

weighing us down,

dangling a fraction of themselves

in front of our noses

so that we take them the whole mile.

Give us everything you have,

even your pants! You have nothing to loose

but your chains!

Liberate yourself of materiality!

For you have the position that you have

due to your inventiveness

and your attitude toward life.

Not your connections.

Not your investments.

Not your credit debt.

Not due to advantages

or privileges, but due

to divine intervention

of genius.

You did not let anything get between yourself

and your goals – not even taxes.

Your corporation is a cloister

you have built on the basis of abstinence,

to which you have dedicated your life,

building the church of your wealth

in which we pray humbly in choirs of work.


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